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Title Name Researcher information
Junior Associate Professor TONAMI Ken-ichi
Junior Associate Professor HIDESHIMA Masayuki
Assistant Professor NORITAKE Kanako
Assistant Professor UMEMORI Sachi
Project Assistant Professor IWAKI Maiko
Dental Resident Kimura Yasuyuki
Dental Resident HAYASHI Shota
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Recent dentistry is sectionalized into various specialized fields of research and education. On the other hand, as a general practitioner, a dentist must possess not only integrated knowledge and skills of all the fields but also should be competent to apply such generalized knowledge and skills to individual patients. The department of General Dentistry performs researches and education for practicing such general and holistic dentistry. General dentistry related to clinical and affective education for dental students and residents. Therefore, the research theme includes dental education as well as oral diagnosis and general dentistry, cooperating with the department of Educational System in Dentistry, Behavioral Dentistry and Educational Media Development. Researches for sleep apnea syndrome have been also conducted in association with Dental Clinic for Sleep Disorders. The clinic of department of General Dentistry is Oral Diagnosis and General Dentistry which missions in the Dental Hospital are initial diagnosis for new outpatients and general dental practice. Clinics of General Dentistry 1 and 2, where dental students and residents are trained, also relate to the department of General Dentistry.
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Recent research themes are listed below.
1. Study for structure of health problems and treatment planning for dental patients.
2. Study for verification and improvement of oral diagnosis.
3. Study for dental education for dental students and residents.

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The educational objective of General Dentistry is that the students/residents acquire transversal academic framework of dental knowledge and skills and competency to provide patients with personalized treatment.
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Lectures & Courses

1. Introduction to the Behavioral Science. (For the 2nd-year dental students)
2. Holistic Oral Diagnosis. (For the 5th-year dental students)
3. Comprehensive Clinical Training PhaseⅠ Phase Ⅱ. (For the 5th and 6th-year dental students)
4. Clinical training (For the dental residents)
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Clinical Services & Other Works

The clinic of department of General Dentistry is Oral Diagnosis and General Dentistry. In the clinic, dental examination and health assessment for new outpatients are conducted to decide initial treatment plan and a clinic in charge for the patients. The patients who need comprehensive dental care and who cannot cooperate students' practice also attend this clinic to receive general dental practice.
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Clinical Performances

In the Dental Hospital, the clinic of Oral Diagnosis and General Dentistry is the first clinic for new outpatients. That is, the clinic is responsible for constructing good relationship between patients and the hospital. Therefore, the doctors pay attention actively to psychosocial aspects of patients during examination. In diagnosing and deciding clinic for patients, initial-treatment plans are introduced to patients. In this process, doctors think treatment plans together with patients thoroughly to obtain sound informed consent. Many patients who visits the dental hospital demands high medical level of the university hospital while not a few patients needs primary care. Oral Diagnosis and General Dentistry provides such patients with general dental practice to meet various kinds of patients' needs, makes effort to improve patients' satisfaction.
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